DETASAD in partnership with RATL presents:

MUHIDE, a FinTech platform that uses the latest secure technology to deliver value, credibility, efficiency and transparency to full End to End supply chain management and trade finance.

What is MUHIDE?

MUHIDE is an Award winning, global end to end supply chain, trade finance and credit utilization platform empowering the trade ecosystem with innovative solutions that would streamline services, reduce human errors, and ultimately boost compliance and profits. MUHIDE aims to enhance all stakeholders’ experience through a unique service and a frictionless journey”

MUHIDE Platform?

MUHIDE aims to enhance the national economy growth by redefining operational efficiencies and adding value to Corporate, Investment firms, Real Estate Development, Insurance firms, banks and even charities associations.

MUHIDE, a blockchain enabled platform, is optimizing the trade finance and supply chain operations by digitizing the whole process, mitigating credit & operational risks and enhancing transparency with authentication to increase credibility throughout the trade cycle. MUHIDE uses the latest technologies to help smooth the rough edges of trade relationships and ease major pain points, it’s a platform that does not only streamline and automate the process but also supports all stakeholders and empowers SMEs, one of the main objectives of KSA Vision 2030.



Lack of visibility in credit utilization
Huge operational risk and possibility of fraud
Overload of manual work leading to increase in cost and human errors
Projects failure and bad debts resulting from the misuse of local LCs and cash
The internal unforeseen situations that may result in bankruptcy
Lack of SMEs support

MUHIDE Solutions

Implementing key goals of vision 2030 (financial inclusion, SME empowerment, digital transformation, prevention tool etc)
Reducing operational risk and credit cost
Offering a full digitalized credit utilization, supply chain and trade finance platform
Providing extra layer of security and transparency using Block Chain Technology
Encouraging local and international investors and supporting SMEs
Offering an advance liquidity management and enabling a new revenue stream to be generated

MUHIDE Benefits

Growing investment
MUHIDE enables Investors to increase their volume of business and grow their customer base – allowing them to invest locally and internationally, in all business industries.
Issue credit and contracts with confidence
The easy to use platform offers the Customers full transparency at all stages of the credit contract fund utilization and issuing process. The platform protects customers from unforeseen issues and unauthorized actions thereby greatly reducing risk with increased accountability.
Live progress at a glance
Our customers have full transparency of every action taken throughout the whole lifecycle of the process. From delivery tracking to supplier commercial invoice, the customer gains deeper insights over time by accessing data drawn from previous projects to make more informed decisions for future business.
Constant reassurance
MUHIDE provides customers with the reassurance that materials, services, and logistics committed to a project are fulfilled on time and as agreed. MUHIDE removes unreliable elements of the process, reducing the operational risk and increasing efficiency and commitment.
Transaction authentication and clarity
The platform has integrated steps that permit suppliers to upload documents and for customers to electronically authenticate, MUHIDE level of transparency also highlights the appropriate intervention points in the project to review how credit is being utilized.
A new way to help the economy
The comprehensively supported MUHIDE platform provides its customer base with full freedom to set the preferred level of control over fund utilisation. No matter how the level of control per project is adjusted, the results will reflect positively on the local economy without any new regulations that may slow the local development. MUHIDE did not automate the process and payment only, as we give high consideration to users’ behaviors.

MUHIDE’s added Value:

MUHIDE is adding value to all trade network stakeholders
  • Reduce manual work and human errors
  • Obtain end to end visibility and insights
  • Improve customers experiences
  • Mitigate operational and credit risks
  • Enhance compliance
  • Build trustworthy relationships with suppliers
  • Automate and monitor critical activities
  • Reduce manual and administrative tasks
  • Get real-time visibility
  • Eliminate hidden financial liability and/or fake delivery and invoices.
  • Get timely payments for outstanding invoices
  • Enhance cash flow management
  • Able to handle disputes and fraud
  • Benefit from lower fees
  • Protects the economy from sudden chain collapses
  • Empowers and protects SMEs
  • Fights parallel markets and tax evasion
  • Boosts GDP and economy growth
  • Reduces court disputes
  • Great support to SME
  • Effective tool to encourage local & foreign investment.
More Info
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